Deliver World Service

Deliver World Service

The first World Service Hand in Hand project was launched in 1983 when a need to help women in India was supported by Quotarians from around the world. The idea grew from partnerships in the 1970s and 80s when Quota partnered with CARE and UNICEF to build schools in Korea, train nurses in Kabul, feed and care for children in the Philippines and India, and provide immunizations and oral rehydration for children in Uganda and Bhutan. These were all things Quotarians were inspired to help with.

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From the first Hand in Hand project in New Delhi, the Quota Home for Abandoned and Destitute Women, the program now funds more than 20 grants every year in five developing countries; Fiji, India, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Suriname. More than $1 million has been granted to all projects and for New Delhi’s Quota Home expanding it from a shelter for battered women to an educational and health-care haven for women and children. Today, the Quota home offers a vocational and literacy program, a day care program and full primary school, and a home for elderly women along with an on-site medical clinic, diagnostic center, and vision center.

Quota World Service projects provide aid to tens of thousands of women and children living in poverty – from supporting the only medical center in Paranaque, Philippines; to providing business skills for deaf teens and mothers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; offering food, education, and shelter for street children in New Delhi, India, and distributing relief supplies when natural disasters hit in places like Mandaue, Philippines. Funded 100% by donations, World Service projects are managed by Quota members in local communities who understand the needs.

Because Quotarians are there long-term, sticking around to help in their communities when others have moved on, in 2000, Quota’s World Service Hand in Hand program received international recognition by the United Nations Association with the Blue Ribbon Award.