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Organizational Documents

Organizational Structure PDF
CharterBylaws and  Rules of Procedure  2017

Credit Card Personal Information Safety Policy PDF
Important Dates 2017 
Liability Insurance Information
Membership Reports 2017 PDF
New Club Application for Charter
Sample Club Bylaws PDF

Leadership & Training

Club Presidents Training: Tips, Podcasts and Articles

Conference Calls

What Time Is It?
Worldwide Current Times & Time Conversion Tool

Club Presidents Conference Call: Register
Last Thursday of the month.

Regional Directors Conference Call
Third Tuesday in March, June, and September
Contact Staff for more information.

Ready to Grow 1.0 Coaching Series: 
A new way to look at development and growth
Contact Staff for more information.

Award Submission Forms

The submission period for awards ended on April 30, 2017. We thank you for your submissions for the 5K and 10K Award, International Photography Contest, Quota Cares Month Award and Volunteer of the Year awards for 2017. Click here to view previous award recipients.

For additional support or questions, contact staff@quota.org

Regional Directors

Regional Operational Guidelines PDF
Regional Budget Excel File
Regional Meeting Budget Excel File
Regional Meeting Schedule
Regional Maps in color or black and white

Partnership Resources

Jewelry in Candles Fundraising PDFs and Audio with slideshow
Listen Up Turn It Down (It's a Noisy Planet Resources) PDFs
Smart911 Handouts, PowerPoint, and Webinar (38:54)* 
*Click CC/Closed captioning in the webinar's lower right corner.

Club Presidents

Club Leadership (Officer) Update Form PDF or Online
Club President's Report PDF or Online
US Club IRS Tax Filing Information PDF
Show Off Your Work PDF
Share Your Quota Stories PDF
Your Service Counts
 Information and Reports

Regional Meeting Handouts

2018 Convention Promo PDF
Generations Definitions PDF
Multi-Generational Membership PDF
World Events in 1919 PDF
Your Service Counts PDF


Celebration Packages PDF
Leader Recognition Jewelry: Atlantic PDF  View Items
Leader Recognition Jewellery: Asia Pacific
PDF  View Items
Quota Logo Balloons Blue or Gold PDF or Online
Quota Cares Teddy Bears 
PDF or Online
Quota City Signs PDF or Online
Quota T-Shirts PDF or Online

Member Forms

New Member Form: Atlantic PDF or Online
New Member Form: Asia Pacific PDF
New Member Form: Philippines
 PDF or Online
Member Information Change Form PDF or Online
Member Transfer Form (requires signatures) PDF

Member Help Desk